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The Ultimate Guide to Abstract Bedroom Wallpaper

Abstract is the idea of representing reality within a number of colors, symbolic imagery, and forms. Most of us know about what abstract art is about, and many of us have probably considered exactly how we were able to gain from the use of such art within the house of ours. The best part is abstract wallpaper designs make it much easier to make use of this look, whether as a bedroom wallpaper or elsewhere in the home. The exact same is true in order to abstract wall murals, designed to create a splash as well as to help you think about what's represented within the design.

But where can you start? We've the solution - an useful guide to a great choice of abstract wall and wallpaper murals. Watercolors, rich shades, and different designs are all included within the next selections. Determine if you're influenced by any of them.

One: Oh La La - distressed shabby chic wallpaper

 Distressed is commonly used as a bad word, yet it's anything at all but in this charming design. This watercolor wallpaper uses a palette of natural tones to achieve a calming effect throughout. It draws the eye in and would look just as at home holding a feature wall or perhaps used throughout a room.

Regardless of the abstract design in this shabby chic look, it also manages to provide you with a sense of detail throughout. The odd brighter hint of color gives it added depth, while giving the perfect backdrop to a bedroom, a lounge, and sometimes even a dining room. When you are seeking to achieve an all natural shabby chic look in the house of yours, the Oh La La wallpaper design is a surefire hit and an intelligent decision to make that look a lot easier to achieve. This style has been an award winner during the last several years, including being picked by the London Evening Standard as Best Wallpaper 2018.

Pictured: Oh La La wallpaper in Sand

 Two: Safari - shabby chic gold wallpaper

Searching for an unusual look and setting for your space? This Safari shabby chic abstract wallpaper brings in golden tones to provide you with something entirely different to appreciate. This wallpaper will certainly be a talking point. The more you consider it, the more often you are able to see within the design.

Even when gold is far from your favorite, the Safari print is shabby chic gone wild. Those crackled areas of gray paint lighten the entire design and pull in an relaxing feel. This specific tone of gold has been chosen to encourage a far more natural setting, too. The print provides you with the perfect striking wall mural for a chimney breast or just a feature wall. Why hang art if you are able to hang this wallpaper instead?

Pictured: Safari wallpaper in Gold

Three: Mystic Teal - abstract wallpaper mural

When you are seeking to introduce a mystical presence into the house of yours, you may be asking yourself just how on earth to do it. Look no more than this abstract wallpaper mural, created from different tones of pink with a hint of natural, the perfect teal mix to enhance some space.

This particular style is unquestionably mystical in its power to bring elements that are different to mind for individuals that are different. Do you see a thundery sky or perhaps rolling waves in the sea? Do you see a mix of watercolors dipped into water to do as they'll? This Mystic Teal design will certainly create a splash wherever you hang it. Could it provide the best bathroom backdrop for a haven from the day? Perhaps you are imagining it in a bedroom of yours, to appreciate the moment each day is over. It is a choice for you..

Pictured: Mystic wall mural in Teal

 Four: Waterfall - pink and grey abstract wallpaper mural

 Grey and blue are calming colors, particularly when used together. The feeling created by this abstract wall mural design is among water seeking the path of least resistance. Areas both dark and light meet in this particular design, giving you powerful imagery and an inspiring backdrop to make your interior design look around.

The design also takes on a marbling feel, giving a dramatic and smooth feature which would bring life into any area of this home of yours. It might offer a striking piece for an entryway or perhaps a feature wall behind the top of this bed of yours. Conversely, if a dramatic but cozy dining room is the aim of yours, consider hanging this on opposite walls with a complementary paint color on the other 2 walls. This Waterfall print inspires and unleashes the creativity inside you.

Pictured: Waterfall wall mural in Original

Five: First Bloom - pink and blue watercolor wall mural

 It is wise to realize not all abstract designs have to be striking or bold. Some can achieve the feeling of a watercolor painted almost directly onto the wall. In case you're looking for an understated look for a big space, this First Bloom design is just the ticket.

Using shades of blue and yellow to create a wall mural that works very well in bigger rooms, the design lets the natural path of watercolors in water do its work. The bolder section of the design remains calming, while fading around the edges. However there's still ample detail as the design fades. Even most striking areas of the design are easy on the eye, making this watercolor wallpaper the ideal option for a space intended for relaxation. The light tones also brighten any room you're thinking about using it in.

Pictured: First Bloom wall mural in Original

 Six: Whisper - grey as well as gold abstract wall mural

 A whisper is a, sensuous, and soft moment shared between 2. This wall mural seeks its inspiration from that idea, taking a palette of golds and greys and mixing them in a gentle way. Some may avoid the thought of gold in wallpaper, but this design proves this need never be the case.

A abstract and bold design, yes, but the Whisper abstract wallpaper idea uses the colors of its in bold strokes and shapes. Use those colors to suggest the perfect furniture to complement the space. Subtle greys work, as does the occasional gold item. This's a style most suitable to splashing more than one wall - an extended wall, ideally, to spotlight the whole design.

Pictured: Whisper wall mural in Smoke

 Seven: English Rose - beautiful abstract flower wallpaper

Are you looking for a floral design, however, you dislike the look of flowers on wallpaper? It might appear like a contradiction in terms, yet this English Rose wallpaper proves just how simple it could be to get the impossible. Using shades of pink, environmentally friendly, and pink, the wallpaper is inspired by flowers but it doesn't take its primary cues from them. It uses the inspiration of a floral combination and bold strokes with colors that are perfect to create a darker but cozier setting.

This English Rose design will be ideal for an intimate dining room or perhaps a bedroom space. It demonstrates the idea that darker designs can really do the job beautifully when used intelligently. The abstract presentation also tends to make this less harsh than real floral displays will be when used in wallpaper designs. English Rose was developed by Finnish artist Reeta Ek, winner of the prestigious Young Designer of the Year Award.

Pictured: English Rose wallpaper in Midnight

Eight: Indigo - indigo blue abstract mural

 If blue is a favorite color of yours and you receive a feeling of calm when viewing such shades, you will love this Indigo abstract mural. It provides a sense of experimentation, with nothing but indigo as well as water mixed together to see what happens. The top segment of the design uses darker shades, dropping into lighter ones as the design continues. This will keep the room lighter yet introduces a sensation of comfort also.

While some murals take inspiration from a range of colors, the Indigo wall mural uses only one and runs with it. In case you're wanting to replace the color pattern in a single room, this's a fantastic example of an abstract wall mural that inspires a brand new method.

Pictured: Indigo wall mural in Deep Blue

 Nine: Infinite Paths - jade green abstract wall mural

Infinity is an idea many are aware of - the sense of things continuing with no end. Replicating that idea within a wallpaper design is far from easy, however, it's been done right here with aplomb. Infinite Paths manages to combine a sense of marble with a watercolor design, creating something special that's as striking as it's calming.

The jade green tones are subtle yet they are there, and there are many other natural tones coming into play here also. Used as a mural for one wall, the Infinite Paths design provides an eye catching piece that's certain to be a talking point. Develop a sense of marble hallways and even of a never ending selection of paths guiding your eye through a room.

Pictured: Infinite Paths wall mural

 Ten: Sacred Smoke - smoky blue watercolor wall mural

 Can the illusion of smoke be developed through using watercolors? Does the idea of smoke within an area even make sense? You are able to see it does in this daring design called Sacred Smoke, which truly can inspire a spectacular backdrop to all manner of spaces. In case you're searching for a bold watercolor mural for a bigger room or perhaps open plan space, this particular design can be the one.

At one time, you will get a sense of dusky smoke and of water also, created by drops of smoky blue with touches of pink and grey there as well. This design guides the eye of yours as well as your mind anywhere they would like to go, inspiring a new color scheme for the home of your choice. Calming blues and baby pinks will go beautifully with this particular design, as would a neutral grey color scheme.

Pictured: Sacred Smoke wall mural

 Eleven: Venice Beach - abstract watercolor beach wall mural

 You can find many lighter weight and more subtle abstract wallpaper designs around, but we think this Venice Beach design is among the very best of them all. Let your imagination take you out to sea, making the beach behind and looking towards the horizon. Every aspect inspired by the famous Venice Beach in California may be discovered in this beautiful wallpaper design.

Perfect for a reading nook, a bedroom, or perhaps a bigger space where relaxation is probably the most common desire, this abstract watercolor wallpaper is able to give the beginning of a calming and neutral color scheme. With nothing but probably the finest and most understated watercolors and shades present, you can't fail with this wallpaper design.

Pictured: Venice Beach wall mural in Original

12: Sand Dawn - terracotta ombre wallpaper mural

A genuine two tone wallpaper design, this is a bold but relaxing mural divided into two simple sections. Still within the gray and the terracotta sections, you are able to see changes that are subtle in shade and color. This's a good illustration of a design which has much more depth than you suspect at first glance.

The Sand Dawn wallpaper mural is soothing enough to create a splash in probably the smallest of spaces. Yet it offers sufficient depth and some stunning tones to make it a positive choice for a bigger room too. Ideal for long hallways, large bedrooms, as well as tiny dining rooms, this's a really versatile wallpaper that shows off its skills anywhere you decide to hang it.

Pictured: Sand wallpaper in Dawn

 Thirteen: Misty Beach II - abstract minimalist stripe wallpaper

 Lots of individuals are embracing the minimalist lifestyle. You can find numerous strategies to do it, starting with paring down the belongings of ours. Yet inviting minimalist decor into our homes is calming in an inspiring and different altogether way.

The minimalist idea behind this Misty Beach II design is not hard to appreciate. The geometric design is minimal, however, it provides a graduated change from mild to darker tones as your eye goes down the wall. Lots of people also appreciate the natural tones in this design, giving the striped wallpaper the capability to look good wherever it ends up. It is difficult to think of a space which would not look great with this wallpaper in position. It might motivate you to pare down the life of yours in ways that you have not done previously.

Pictured: Misty Beach wallpaper in Oat

 Fourteen: Marble Dream - abstract marble wallpaper

Lots of people associate marble with kitchens, yet this versatile abstract wallpaper design can be put to use that is good in every area of the house. Certainly, it showcases a marble design which is altogether more calming compared to real marble. The subtlety of the design, the calming shades of its, and the way styles mix with one another can all be seen to be the perfect backdrop to whatever room you wish to change.

It is obvious this wallpaper was meant to introduce calmness into the house. Could it prove to be the perfect canvas on which to build your minimalist dream room, with this as the bedroom wallpaper? Could this be a place to daydream, a place to feel calm and relaxed? You decide. Wherever you plan to hang this abstract wallpaper mural design, you are likely to have the most incredible space to finish with the choice of yours of interior furnishings afterwards.

Pictured: Marble Dream wallpaper

Fifteen: Morning Dew - abstract forest wall mural

 A feeling of early morning occurs in this forest inspired design that gives you a dramatic yet calming wall mural for your selected room. The style is daring enough to offer a remarkable presentation as being a wall mural on one wall in the room, complemented by colors that are light on the remaining walls. It will have the perfect option for a chimney breast or perhaps feature that is similar to that, if the total drop of the wallpaper was used. The forest look is achieved in the bottom section of wallpaper, offering a depth that's difficult to deny.

Additionally you get a sense of mist in the first hours any time you view this abstract wallpaper design. The watercolors used here show the way the eyes of yours and the brain of yours is able to fill in the completed piece, perhaps, providing memories, of other life or forest holidays experiences. Imagine inviting those memories into your own personal space each day.

Pictured: Morning Dew in Day

 Sixteen: Drifting Away Mist - abstract cloud wallpaper mural

 A marbled design with a sense of clouds and mist… that is the concept behind this beautiful Drifting Away Mist wallpaper design. Setting up a statement wall is a much desired look in a lot of modern homes. Deciding on the best statement to make could be much more difficult, of course, yet the tones and shades in this misty design mark it out there as being a definite winner.

A room with this watercolor wall mural on one wall would certainly provide the best location to start every day. Settle in the dining room of yours or perhaps anywhere you want to begin the day, and let your thoughts melt into the design, dreaming perhaps of what could come. The calming appearance of this wallpaper design makes it much easier to put together a color scheme to go with it, also. Subtle greys are perfect for this, though pastel shades of many colors would likely complement it too.

Pictured: Drifting Away Mist

Watercolor wallpaper designs give a feeling of relaxation and calmness to each space. The natural use of color and style is effective with abstract designs. Look around the room you want to change and imagine just how every one of the above styles might work. With stunning abstract wallpaper designs or perhaps murals, why restrict yourself to hanging artwork? Your whole room acts as an inspiring canvas to guide you towards the space you really desire.

The above selections provide adequate sources of inspiration that will help you enjoy the look you genuinely want. Even in case you are uncertain which wallpaper to go for, you are able to walk into the room you want to change and use the creativity of yours to obtain a sense of what could be. With plenty of choices out there, your perfect abstract look could be much better than you think.

Find a favourite of yours! Explore our abstract bedroom wallpaper collections.